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Creel Pump was founded by Jack Lennon, originally naming the company Lennon Pump, in 1946. After watching both the economy and population boom in the 1920s, Lennon recognized the increasing need for water maintenance and control and dewatering services. James Creel, one of Lennon Pumps very first customers, soon became Lennon’s business partner.


Lennon Pump continued to thrive. The business branched out and attracted new customers as it began to specialize in offering products and services for the agriculture and aquaculture industries.


Jack Lennon retired in 1985 and sold his business to Creel, who then re-branded the company as Creel Pump, Inc. It was then that the business started to reach outside of the United States. Creel Pump did its first international job in Guatemala in 1986.


James Creel did not get to see his business venture out to other countries, as a fatal accident on the job killed him and one of his sons. Wanted to keep his father’s legacy going, Thomas Creel bought the business the same year and began running the company.


For the next decade, Creel Pump continued to evolve from a local, small town company to an international supplier. Today, there are two offices – one in the company’s hometown of Lake Placid, Florida, and the other in Leon, Nicaragua. We continue to design and build custom pumps for clients all over the world, and take pride in continuing what Jack Lennon and James Creel began.  

Two people working on an axial flow pump
Building a pump station
Welding an axial pump
Image of Tom Creel, Owner & CEO
Flowing water from axial discharge pipe
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