Like all companies, we began with an idea;  and, like all great ideas combined with a bit of intuition and hard work, it evolved and grew into the company that we are today.


Our company's history coincides with Florida's own history, which we take pride in,  developing alongside our home state throughout the years.


It began with a man named Jack Lennon in 1936. After watching both the economy and population boom in the 1920's, multiplying from just under one million in 1920 to over 1.2 million in 1925, Lennon recognized the increasing need for water maintenance & control and dewatering services. And with Florida becoming a wildly popular destination for snowbirds, Lennon was sure the demand for such services would be relevant for many years to come.

Lennon's idea became a reality as he opened Lennon Pump in Lake Placid, Florida, in 1946. And with Lennon was James Creel, one of his very first customers and later business partner.

As Florida's tourism and reality continued to thrive, so did Lennon Pump. The business even branched out and started attracting new, different customers as the company began to specialize in offering products and services for the agriculture and aquaculture industries, a specialty that we are still proud of to present date.

 After almost forty years, Lennon retired and sold his business to Creel in 1985, who re-branded it as Creel Pump. It was then that the business started to reach outside of the United States, with James Creel doing his first international job in Guatemala in 1986.

Unfortunately, Creel did not get to see his business venture out to other countries after a fatal accident while on the job, killing him and one of his sons. Wanting to keep his father's company and legacy going, Thomas Creel bought the business from his mother the same year and began running the company.


For the next decade, the company continued to evolve from just being a local, small town company into a national and international supplier in aquaculture and water management services from Belize, Honduras, and Nicaragua.


In 2000, at an aquaculture event in Nicaragua, Creel Pump was intrigued by a product designed by an Italian company of the same field known as Aqua & Co. The product was revolutionary, offering aeration, filtration, and circulation while having a more durable design. After a few more visits and some talking, the two businesses became sisters companies, helping Creel Pump to transition into water management with the Force 7  ​​.



With over seventy years of experience, we are proud to call ourselves "water experts" now and for the years ahead.Today, Creel Pump, Inc. has two offices, one is its hometown of Lake Placid and the other in Leon, Nicaragua, and continues to design and build custom pumps for clients all over the world.