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A decorative  aerator that adds to the landscape while infusing the water with oxygen, the Sprint is dual-purposed.


Another member of the Splash family, the Sprint is a new aerator consisting of a single propeller for a fountain like water stream to be installed for ornamental purposes in parks, lakes, and golf courses. The Sprint is an efficient aerator providing excellent levels of oxygenation and improving water quality  while creating an aesthetically pleasing effect. The Sprint is lightweight and easy to handle and install. The Sprint is available in 1.5 and 2 HP models.


An optional lighting pack and timer is also available. Two different fountain plumes of 5.5 feet with a 6.5-foot diameter or a 3.28 foot high with a 13-foot diameter. And if you desire a different plume at any time, it can easily be changed just by changing a nozzle. The standard Sprint comes with a high plume fountain  (open is available on request). Lighting pack is sold separately as well as panel box to operate the Sprint and the lights.