Rio Circulator

The Rio uses a powerful circulator to improve water quality, destratify, and distribute air or pure oxygen in large bodies of water. It can be used to resolve issues of stagnant water in aquaculture, reservoirs, public parks, and lakes. Additionally, it is ideal for algae control and in preventing ice formation in lakes and other large bodies of water.


The Rio circulator is a powerful unit with propellers of 29 in. (740mm.) and 37 in. (930mm.) diameter, rotating at 123 rpm and 115 rpm respectively. Powered by your choice of 1 or 2 hp, the Rio can circulate 528,000 to 792,000 gallons of water per hour (2000-3000 cubic meters per hour). The Rio is available in a variety of voltages to guarantee compatibility with a large scope of systems. It can also be coupled with the air injector Force 7 to create the Combo unit.


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