ECO 2 Aerator

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Used in aquaculture tanks and ponds, the ECO 2 Aerator is perfect for projects that require aeration and water movement at the same time.

Being a Venturi  device, the ECO 2 can be fitted to the outlet end of any pump to provide the added benefits of oxygen to water. Its round shape increases the oxygen transfer by increasing the contact time between air and water. This is ideal for small rearing tanks and ponds. It can also be used individually or in multiples attached to a common manifold  in order to suit the environment. This application is excellent  for fingerlings and other small fish.

Like any Venturi, the ECO 2 will require water pressure in order to draw air into the Venturi housing. The ECO 2 comes complete with a set of outlet nozzles sized 15 mm (0.6 in.), 10 mm (.04 in.), and 5 mm (.02 in.) for a flow of 100 liters per minute (26 gallons per minute with a SOTR of 3.08 pounds per hour), 50 liter per minute (13 gallons per minute with a SOTR of 2.42 pounds per hour), 30 liter per minute (8 gallons per hour with a SOTR of 1.5 pounds per hour), as well as a 1 inch  and a 3/4 inch air inlet hose fitting. A  special bronze fitting  is also available for injection of pure oxygen.