DE'RAN Propeller Pump Drive

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 Designed to drive low-speed propellers and mixed flow pumps, the DE’RAN Propeller Pump Gear Drive offers superior service under the most demanding conditions. 


Having a unique fan-cooling propeller, the DE'RAN eliminates corrosion, freezing, and additional maintenance costs associated with other water cooling systems. And the non-reverse sprag operates at all speeds, canceling out problems affiliated with non-reverse pin type and slow vertical shaft speeds, making the DE'RAN the choice of pump system designers and engineers use worldwide.

Typical applications include flood control, sewage pumping, dewatering, and aquaculture purposes. Propeller pump drives may be adapted to operate at inclined or slanted positions up to 70 degrees, allowing a more sensible approach to pumping water from lakes, rivers, and the ocean.

All catalog ratings include a minimum AGMA 1.5 service factor. Bearing L10 life will exceed 30,000 hours in all applications.


Actual bearing life calculations are available on request for your specific application.